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To empower those who dream of running their own successful business.

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Our Story

We spoke with freelancers and business owners in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, about the biggest challenges they face, and we were impressed by the sheer talent of those individuals. They have incredible business ideas, but lack the knowledge in managing a professional business.

And so we created Teem; a tool that simply covers all the basics of business management. Including: keeping a client database, issuing invoices, recording expenses, creating contracts and proposals… Giving you time to focus on why you started your dream business in the first place: to wake up everyday and do what you love.

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Our Team

Khadija Nehfawi
Khadija Nahfawi Customer Success
Malak Fakieh
Malak Fakeih Co-founder & General Manager
Heba Alsafwani
Heba Alsafwani Content Creator
Umeed Emad
Umeed Emad Frontend Developer
Ahmadullah Emad
Ahmadullah Emad UI/UX Designer

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